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Turbocharge Your Production

From one man bands to industrial design labs, the Mayku FormBox can help you save time and money while improving your product.

For food production

Mayku cast sheets are completely food safe. Stand out from the crowd with intricate, customisable shapes.

As used by Damien Wager and many more.

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For craft businesses

Make more quickly and reduce your costs while freeing your creativity with a range of materials.

As used by Charlie Humble Thomas and many more.

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For design & manufacturing

Speed up product development by quickly making prototypes, parts and packaging in house.

As used by Playdude and many more

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For agencies

Free your creativity with short runs and customised products that leave clients amazed.

As used by Small multiples and many more.

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For education

Teach STEM subjects in a hands on, engaging and modern way with the help of our dedicated resources and lesson plans.

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