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mayku FormBox

The Portable Desktop Vacuum Former

made simple!

The Mayku desktop vacuum former is a small machine with big potential, letting your students bring their designs to life in minutes! This easy-to-use, portable mini-machine enables more of your students to enjoy making professional quality products and prototypes quickly, to enhance their product design skills and projects.

  • Inspire young product designers by enabling
    them to bring their ideas to life quickly
  • Prepare students for work with plenty of
    practice on professional manufacturing
  • Give more students the chance see an idea through from design to creation with a
    flexible, portable tool
  • Increase learning by enabling students to make quick prototypes, review, redesign and
    remake them using the same materials
  • Empower your students to build professional standard models with high quality materials
    and finishes
  • Enable students to practice designing and
    making products that solve real and relevant

Make more, with the
Mayku FormBox.

Trusted by schools and universities in the UK and internationally, the FormBox provides a creative, accessible and cost-effective approach to Design and Engineering. Its small size and portability make it perfect for the modern multi use classroom or teaching space and it attaches to any standard vacuum cleaner, so there are no large parts to maintain.

  • Concrete Planter

  • Sound Wave Visualiser

  • Globe Light

  • Concrete Bowl

  • Signage

  • Terrariums

  • Paperclip Magnet

  • Lemon Ice Creams

How it Works

  • 1 Create

    Make or find your shape and place it on the FormBox bed

  • 2 Form

    The FormBox forms a sheet of material around your shape, creating a mould in seconds

  • 3 Multiply

    Fill your mould with materials from chocolate to resin, plaster and even concrete

  • Take it out and bring your first collection of products to life! You can even use the FormBox to create custom packaging for your creation.

Making Made Simple!

£499 + VAT

  • Mayku FormBox vacuum former
  • 20 Transparent Cast Sheets
  • 20 White Form Sheets
  • Three Starter Projects
  • 1Kg of Casting Material

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