Make molds. Fast.

Make molds. Fast.

Unlock your creativity with industrial grade vacuum forming on your desktop.

  • Make molds in 1,2,3

    Make molded products such as plant pots and sculptures

  • Mold any material

    From candles to concrete pots, you’re free to create

  • Lightning fast

    Prototype rapidly and scale your production

  • Form packaging

    Work with plastic to form custom packaging

Ready to turn your creative passion into a revenue stream? Looking for inspiration on launching a craft business? Team Mayku chatted to London based Evka Home to hear their lockdown business launch story.

Photos by Nathan Joyce.

Turbocharge your production

The FormBox is used by international craft businesses, arts educators, product designers and makers

Homeware designers

Make molds in minutes for homeware designs including plant pots, coasters, trays, sculptures, soaps, candles and much more.

Artists and sculptors

Use the FormBox to create custom molds and bespoke structures for prop-making, sculpture, costume design, set building and prototyping.

Quicker, cleaner and more affordable than silicone molding

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Just $1 per mold

Save time and money on bespoke, reusable mold designs

Make molds in minutes

Create custom molds with less mess, whilst increasing your production speed

Lightweight and small

Smaller than a microwave, the FormBox sits comfortably on any desktop

Professional grade machinery

Developed with professionals in mind and used by NASA, IKEA and Adidas

Learn about FormBox

Let us know a little more about you and a we'll be in touch to see how the Mayku FormBox desktop vacuum former could help.

Why homewares?

Ewa had experimented with selling art prints in the past, so had some knowledge of running a craft business already. It's difficult to sell prints though, because the space on people's walls is so precious.</p><p>Making custom molds on the <a href="#whyformbox">Mayku FormBox</a> cost only £1 each and with Evka Home's make to order workflow, it's simple to keep costs down and customers happy.

It’s been so much easier and faster to grow a creative business selling tangible, useful objects - the market doesn’t feel as saturated.

I want to eventually be freelance and work for myself alongside selling products that I've designed. Once I did a Katie Gillies DIY Jesmonite kit, I kind of realized I can do this, but with my designs.

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