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Make Medical Equipment on your Tabletop

Make Medical Equipment on your Tabletop

The FormBox brings manufacturing in house with the tools you need to create medical grade PPE and accessories in minutes. The FormBox can help you:

  • Manufacturing PPE such as face masks and shields
  • Creating Molds for casting silicone, plaster or resin
  • Duplicating accessories such as trays and containers
  • Reducing set-up cost and increase your iteration speed
  • No more minimum order restrictions

How it Works


Find, sculpt or 3D print your master object


Use the FormBox to create your shape, mold or accessory


Swiftly replicate objects and create casts from your tabletop

Community Covid-19 Response

The global Mayku Community have been designing and manufacturing PPE masks to support frontline workers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Mayku Mask

A medical grade PPE mask  manufactured during Coronavirus lockdown. A collaboration between Mayku, Royal Academy of Engineering and the University of Leeds. The design is in production globally

FIT Test Approved PPE

FIT Test approved PPE mask designed by medical professionals at Hattiesburg Clinic, Forrest General Hospital (FGH) and the University of Southern Mississippi. Over 1200 units have been provided for local frontline workers so far

Double Layered Mask

Giles Pinault designed a double layered mask template, successfully tested by Matt Barinholtz. The file was hosted on Thingiverse for anyone to download, edit and make with the FormBox

Project Care and the Mayku Mask

Project Care is a collaboration between Mayku, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the University of Leeds, with further support from various other organisations. The product is two-part N95 style face mask. Over 5000 Mayku Masks have been made so far, globally

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