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Mayku Teach is a simple-to-use, affordable education platform. It consists of a desktop vacuum former and online portal. Our mission is to bring joy to learning through making while unlocking student’s innate creativity.

How it works

1 Explore

Explore practical lesson plans in our online portal

2 Create

Use the FormBox in the classroom to help children create their own projects

3 Learn

Students learn the core curriculum by making their own things

Inspire Your Class

Mayku Teach will make your life easier by minimising lesson planning time; engaging distracted children; sticking to and elevating the curriculum; ensuring you stay ahead of the pedagogical curve; and providing access to a community of teachers.

The desktop vacuum former – the FormBox – is portable and easy to use. Its versatility means it can be used to teach everything from probability and percentages, to the properties of materials, sustainability and the movement of the planets.

The portal contains downloadable resources for practical teaching in the STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics). These include easy-to-follow curriculum-aligned lesson plans and instructional videos focused on project-based learning.

What have children been learning with Mayku Teach?

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Easy-to-follow projects to make learning fun.

Make learning STEAM fun with Mayku Teach. Our online portal is filled with downloadable resources for practical teaching. Crafted by teachers to cover every aspect of the national curriculum.

Engage distracted students

"People get so excited when we have it out and are so surprised by how easy it is to use."

Meghan Langmeyer,
Kohl’s Design It! Lab

Join a community of teachers

“For children participating in my workshop it’s always magical
to see their (sometimes rough) clay mould, being formed. Works every time!”

Luuk Wiehink,
Teacher, Netherlands

Minimise lesson planning

"Our FormBox has proved to be a versatile, flexible and highly portable tool. It has formed the centrepiece of our learning days with Primary school pupils.”

David Baker,
Teacher, UK

Join the revolution

Invest in Mayku Teach today and start your own classroom revolution.

Explore Lessons

Ships in 3-5 Business Days

Order your FormBox today and we will deliver it to your door by express courier, free of charge.

30 Day No Hassle Refund

Not sure whether FormBox is right for you? If you're not happy with your machine within 30 days. We'll refund you and arrange a collection, no questions asked.

2 Year Warrantee

If anything goes wrong with your machine we will replace it within 24 hours. If a part needs replacing we have spares on hand  - so you'll never have to wait to get back to making.

At your service

We have a global network of repair centres that are on hand to replace parts if anything goes wrong with your machine.

Lifetime Support

Our maker coaches are always available to help answer any questions you may have about how to make with the FormBox - so you'll never be at a loose end.

Tested to over 10,000 uses

The FormBox is robust and built to last for a lifetime of heavy use. We test each machine to ensure it is built to last.

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