Get ready to launch or scale your creative business

Get ready to launch or scale your creative business

Find out how Evka Home got started with the Mayku FormBox and Jesmonite homewares

Ready to turn your creative passion into a revenue stream? Looking for inspiration on launching a craft business? Team Mayku chatted to London based Evka Home to hear their lockdown business launch story.

How its goin

Ewa is currently manufacturing 30-100 objects per month using molds made on the Mayku Formbox. Being only a few months into her craft business journey and managing it in her spare time, the scope for growth is huge!

Hoping to find the perfect work/life balance with Evka Home, Ewa ensures she take time off regularly, closing her store to allow time for product development and, most importantly, rest!

I want to eventually be freelance and work for myself alongside selling products that I've designed. Once I did a Katie Gillies DIY Jesmonite kit, I kind of realized I can do this, but with my designs.

Why homewares?

Ewa had experimented with selling art prints in the past, so had some knowledge of running a craft business already. It's difficult to sell prints though, because the space on people's walls is so precious.

Making custom molds on the Mayku FormBox cost only $1 each and with Evka Home's make to order workflow, it's simple to keep costs down and customers happy.

It's just been so much easier and faster to grow a business where you're selling tangible, useful objects over something like arts and prints

Trusted by Thousands

From chocolatiers to Nasa engineers - We have more than 5000 customers in 74 countries and the number keeps on growing.

“The speed and ease at which I can explore, prototype and make with the FormBox is wonderfully liberating.”

Brendan Jones

United Kingdom

“The machine is brilliant.”

Luuk Unceta


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Person Three



Floating Form


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