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Mold Making for Jesmonite Projects

Mold Making for Jesmonite Projects

The FormBox brings manufacturing in house with the tools you need to create bespoke molds for Jesmonite designs in minutes.

  • Create custom reusable molds at $1 per sheet
  • Swiftly test ideas and create product prototypes
  • Manufacture molds for workshops, DIY kits or custom orders
  • Capture detail as fine as a grain of sand
"Established in 1984, Jesmonite has become the go-to material for designers and artists looking for an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional building materials or resin based products."

How it Works


Find, sculpt or 3D print your master object.


Use the FormBox to create your mold in minutes


Swiftly replicate objects and get casting in Jesmonite from your tabletop

What are People
Making With FormBox?

Katie Gillies

Surface designer Katie uses the FormBox to create colourful homewares and DIY Jesmonite kits for workshops and home use

Salt Studios

Francesca uses the FormBox to experiment with new shapes for their plant pot and home accessories business serving wholesale and retail

Chokmah Singapore

Up and coming homewares and fashion accessories business based in Asia. Offering workshops, DIY kits and products

Jesmonite Loves the FormBox

Crafting expert, Alexandre Chappel demos the FormBox. Watch the full video on YouTube to learn how to transform 3D printed masters into stunning finished Jesmonite products in minutes.

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in Your Region

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