Make molds. Fast.

Make molds. Fast.

Recreate shapes in minutes with industrial grade vacuum forming on your desktop

  • Make molds in 1, 2, 3

    Make molded products such as plant pots and sculptures

  • Mold any material

    From candles to concrete pots, you’re free to create

  • Lightning fast

    Prototype rapidly and scale your production

  • Form packaging

    Work with plastic to form custom packaging

Turbocharge Your Production

From craft educators to international artisan businesses, the FormBox is ready to transform your making workflow

Homeware designers

Save time and money with in house mold production. It costs just $1 per mold and takes less than a minute.

Artists and sculptors

Stand out from the crowd by creating custom shaped molds you can use with many different materials.

Handmade gifts

Launch or scale your business with an affordable solution, no minimum order quantities and endless creative options.

Interior designers

Quickly prototype and validating your ideas on your desktop before making professional quality homeware.

Cleaner, faster and cheaper than silicone molding

Just $1 per mold

Save money and free yourself to experiment with reusable molds

Make molds in less than a minute

Make a wider variety of molds, and more of them, to increase your production

Make almost any shape

Use any object you can find or make to create unique molds that stand out.

Intricate detail

Pick up detail finer than a grain of sand to make high quality products

Lightweight and small

Smaller than a microwave, the FormBox fits easily on your desktop

Professional grade quality

Industrial grade, the FormBox is used by Nike and even NASA

Mold or model in 1,2,3

Pick a template

Find sculpt or 3D print your master object. The FormBox’s intricate detail can mold all sorts of shapes.

Make a mold

Use the FormBox to vacuum-form a form sheet around your object in seconds

Replicate your template

Use your mold with a range of materials, from concrete to soap, to create your products

Work with a wide range of materials

Mayku molds are compatible with most pourable materials, from Jesmonite, concrete and plaster to resin, wax and soap

Boosting the business of makers like you

Since setting a studio in her parents garage in Nottingham in 2015, Katie Gillies has used Formbox to grow her business.

She creates hand-crafted templates out of wood before popping into the Mayku FormBox to create an instant mold. It’s quicker, cleaner and cheaper than creating silicone molds and allows her to test ideas in minutes instead of days.

Using the FormBox to create her collection of terrazzo and mosaic products inspired by Memphis and pop art, she’s built a successful business. Now in her own upgraded studio with over 45,-000 engaged Instagram followers, the FormBox has helped turn her dreams into her full time income.

Just £599 for everything you need to get started

Every FormBox comes with 40 free sheets, 1kg of casting material, three starter templates and a universal vacuum adaptor to ensure you get making straight away. After that, it will cost you just $1 per mold.

Trusted by Thousands

From chocolatiers to Nasa engineers - We have more than 5000 customers in 74 countries and the number keeps on growing.

“The speed and ease at which I can explore, prototype and make with the FormBox is wonderfully liberating.”

Brendan James

Chocolate Bites
United Kingdom

“The machine is brilliant”

Luuk Unceta

Hobbyist Woodworker


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