Make molds. Fast.

Make molds. Fast.

Unlock your creativity with industrial grade vacuum forming on your desktop.

  • Make molds in 1, 2, 3

    Make molded products such as plant pots and sculptures

  • Mold any material

    From candles to concrete pots, you’re free to create

  • Lightning fast

    Prototype rapidly and scale your production

  • Form packaging

    Work with plastic to form custom packaging

Turbocharge your production

The FormBox is used by international craft businesses, arts educators, product designers and makers

Homeware designers

Make molds in minutes for homeware designs including plant pots, coasters, trays, sculptures, soaps, candles and much more.

Artists and sculptors

Use the FormBox to create custom molds and bespoke structures for prop-making, sculpture, costume design, set building and prototyping.

Handmade gift entrepreneurs

Create a production line on your desktop to launch or scale your craft business. No minimum order quantities and endless creativity.

Interior designers

Prototype and experiment on your desktop. From creating scale model structures to molds for home accessories, the possibilities are endless.

Quicker, cleaner and more affordable than silicone molding

Just £1 per mold

Save time and money on bespoke, reusable mold designs

Make molds in minutes

Create custom molds with less mess, whilst increasing your production speed

Make almost any shape

Find, sculpt or 3D print an object for endless mold-making possibilities

Intricate detail

Pick up detail finer than a grain of sand for show-stopping custom molds

Lightweight and small

Smaller than a microwave, the FormBox sits comfortably on any desktop

Professional grade machinery

Developed with professionals in mind and used by NASA, IKEA and Adidas

Make custom molds in three easy steps

Pick a template

Find, sculpt or 3D print a master object. The FormBox picks up intricate detail and interesting shapes.

Form your mold

In seconds the FormBox transforms your shape into a reusable mold.

Multiply your shape

Cast in a world of materials, from concrete to soap, to kickstart a desktop production line.

Work with a wide range of materials

Use Mayku Sheets to create reusable molds for concrete, Jesmonite, silicone, soap, bath bombs, wax, plaster, resin and more. You can also create finished objects, armatures, models and packaging solutions for your craft business.

Boosting the business of makers like you

Jesmonite homewares designer, Ewa launched her brand Evka Home during lockdown. Ewa commissioned laser cut wooden master templates from a local artist. Ewa then created her new custom molds with the Mayku FormBox in minutes. The FormBox custom mold making method is quicker, cleaner and less costly than creating silicone molds, the alternative for Ewa’s work. The speedy workflow allows Ewa to test ideas within minutes instead of days and it's ideal for making to order, scaling up and adapting designs to bespoke briefs.

Boost your craft business for only £599/$699

Every FormBox comes with 40 free sheets, 1kg of casting material, three starter templates, full instructions and a universal vacuum cleaner adaptor. Just add your household vacuum cleaner and you're ready to go. After that, it will cost you just $1 per mold.

Trusted by Thousands

From world-class chocolatiers to NASA engineers, we have over 7400 customers in 74 countries and a growing global community of makers.

“The FormBox gives you freedom when creating. It's super easy to use, it's clean and it can be easily combined with other technologies.”

Agustín Arroyo

WikiFactory and UFV Madrid
Madrid, Spain

“What's really refreshing about Mayku is that you clearly value good design and creativity. So it made me feel like it's actually designed for people like me.”

Ewa Lefmann

Evka Home
London, UK

“I don't have to go to a mold maker! It's super fast so I can react creatively with my ideas and create bespoke molds to order for client products.”

Paul A. Young

Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates
London, UK

“You can make whatever you want: if you press a Yale key down into the machine, it will come out exactly the same!”

Damien Wager

Edible Arts Patisserie
Cheltenham, UK

“It's fast to set up and really easy to use. It’s always magical to see children's clay molds being formed into a plastic gargoyle. Works every time!”

Luke Wiehink


“The Mayku FormBox is a great tool to get students engaged in product design from a young age.”

David Baker

London, UK

“Even gaining access to an industrial vacuum former was harder than expected, so being able to produce everything ourselves from our studio with just a vacuum cleaner made the project extremely straight-forward.”

Mike McCabe

London, UK


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