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mayku FormBox

The Desktop Vacuum Former

Unlock creativity, watch them grow!

Help your pupils grow, as they learn through making with the
Mayku desktop vacuum former!

Learning through making increases learning and engagement and develops creative, positive minds as learners explore, manipulate, fail, fix and solve problems through an open learning process that they control.

The Mayku FormBox desktop vacuum former is a fun, easy-to-use tool that will enable your pupils to explore topics, understand concepts and learn key skills as they bring their ideas to life.

  • Enable pupils to enjoy a creative, open learning process based around a professional making technique
  • Increase understanding of concepts through context-based, hands-on learning
  • Cover the STEAM curriculum in a fun and engaging way
  • Build self-confidence by enabling pupils to explore and experiment for themselves with child-led projects
  • Increase motivation and learning by focusing on the process as well as the end result
  • Encourage collaboration as pupils think and wonder together

Some Examples of What
You Can Make

  • Bird Feeder

  • Boats

  • Car

  • Chocolates

  • Terrarium

  • Sundial

  • Spinner

  • Farm

“The desktop vacuum former is perfect to teach everything from probability and percentages, to the properties of materials, sustainability and the
movement of the planets.”
Kim Oliff, Head of Pedagogy, Mayku

£499 + VAT

Includes the Mayku desktop vacuum former (the FormBox), which shapes and forms plastic to make your projects, 20 cast sheets for using to make your projects, and 20 white form sheets for using to make your projects

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