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Inspire the Creators
of the Future

Inspire the Creators
of the Future

The FormBox turns your classroom into a creative powerhouse. Giving students a hands-on STEAM learning experience. The FormBox can help you:

  • Teach innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Make complicated ideas tangible
  • Build self-confidence
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Increase motivation

How it Works


Explore our suite of practical lesson plans built for teachers by teachers.


Use the FormBox in the classroom to help children create their own projects


Students learn the core curriculum by making their own things

What are Students Learning with FormBox?

How a New Zealand teacher increased student engagement using the FormBox

Expanding creative possibilities in the school workshop

Luuk Wiehink taught environmental conservation by making sculptures with children

"The FormBox is fast to set up and really easy to use. For children participating in my workshop it’s always
magical to see their (sometimes rough) clay mold,
being formed into a (comical, beautiful, tough, etc) plastic gargoyle. Works every time!"
Luke Wiehink, Netherlands

Everything You Need to Get Started

Every FormBox comes with 40 free sheets, 1kg of casting material, three starter templates and a universal vacuum adaptor to ensure you get making straight away.

Bring Creativity to
Your Classroom

What can you teach with FormBox?

Make Complicated Ideas Tangible

When ideas from maths and science are applied to making - children engage with theory in a more direct way. This deepens their understanding and aids their retention and engagement.

Teach Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Children can use the FormBox to quickly create batches of professional products with almost no training. Once they start building their own businesses at school who knows where that will take them.

Build Self-Confidence

When students feel empowered to create their own things they realize their innate creative power. This builds confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Encourage Collaboration

Creating together is more powerful than working alone. Working on collaborative making projects helps children learn what it means to be a part of a team.

Increase Motivation

When children realise that they have the ability to make their ideas real they learn the invaluable skill of ‘sticking with it’.

Explore Basic Design and Manufacturing Principles

The FormBox is a minature version of a giant mass manufacturing process. With it you can expose students to the whole product creation process all the way through from design to manufacture.

"The Mayku FormBox is a great tool to get students engaged in product design from a young age."
David Baker, Teacher, London

Do you teach children between the ages of 7 and 11?

Visit Mayku Teach - our learning platform tailored for younger years educators

Do you teach children between the ages of 12-18?

Download the Mayku STEM pack - our 12 lesson series for teaching design and technology with the FormBox

Trusted by Thousands

From Chocolatiers to Nasa engineers - We have more than 5000 customers in 74 countries and the number keeps on growing.

“The speed and ease at which I can explore, prototype and make with the FormBox is wonderfully liberating.”


United Kingdom

“The machine is brilliant.”



“Having a 3d printer side by side with the FormBox has opened so many doors - it is simply unbelievable!”



“Struck by the amazing quality feel the machines has. Very impressive”



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