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Create Custom Food
Safe Molds in Minutes

Create Custom Food
Safe Molds in Minutes

The FormBox gives you the power to create food in almost any shape. Create edible treats quickly and affordably.

  • Just $1 per infinitely re-usable mold

  • 100% food safe for any ingredients

  • Create almost any shape you can think of

  • Pick up detail finer than a grain of sand

Chefs Everywhere are Going Wild for FormBox

Whether you’re customizing a chocolate bar or
creating a batch of custom pastries - the FormBox
gives you the power to create amazing treats in
almost any shape.

How it Works


Find or sculpt your shape and place it on the FormBox bed


Use the FormBox to create a mold instantly


Remove your mold, fill it with any ingredient and then pop out your finished creation

What are Chefs Creating With the FormBox?

Making custom dessert molds with Damien Wager

Making data delicious with Small Multiples

Paul A Young created artisinal chocolates with an artistic touch

"[Forming] with the FormBox meant I didn't have to go to a mould maker and I could use trial and error while at work, moulding with chocolate as I developed resulting in a very artistic and style led product. It's super fast and means I can react creatively with my ideas and create bespoke moulds to order for client products."
Paul A Young, Chocolatier, London

Everything You Need to Get Started

Every FormBox comes with 40 free sheets, 1kg of casting material, three starter templates and a universal vacuum adaptor to ensure you get making straight away.

Bring Mold-Making
in House

How can FormBox revolutionize your kitchen?

Make Short Runs of Custom Creations

The FormBox enables you to quickly and affordable create bespoke molds giving you the freedom to make batches of any size for your customers. Like @elise_epices has here.

Customize Products for Your Customers

Provide an instant bespoke service. Use the Formbox to customize food for customers coming into your store or online. Like these tasty chocolate messages from @meltdownartisan

Quickly try out Ideas for New Products

We believe your tools should liberate your imaginatoin not limit it. Have an idea for a new edible invention? With the FormBox you can simply make a mold and try it out - in a matter of minutes. Like @ard_bakery have here.

"You can make whatever you want: if you press a Yale key down into the mold, it will come out exactly the same!"
Damien Wager, Chef

Trusted by Thousands

From Chocolatiers to Nasa engineers - We have more than 5000 customers in 74 countries and the number keeps on growing.

“The speed and ease at which I can explore, prototype and make with the FormBox is wonderfully liberating.”


United Kingdom

“The machine is brilliant.”



“The FormBox has opened so many doors - it is simply uneblievable!”



“The unboxing and design stylings of the manual and comms was extremely stylish and very easy to follow”



“A great machine which fits in well for small business projects like ours.”




Get Your Tabletop

Invest in a Mayku FormBox today and start your
own tabletop revolution.


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