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What size objects can I make in the FormBox?

The forming bed of the Mayku FormBox desktop vacuum forming machine is 200mm square, which means that it works best manufacturing shapes up to 150mm square. We recommend working with objects that are not taller than they are wide. For more complex shapes or larger sizes, it is possible to create multi-part molds using the FormBox.

For more basics on designing for vacuum forming, read our blog.

What type of casting materials work with Mayku Sheets?

A world of materials are possible with the Mayku FormBox. Our customers are currently making molds for chocolate, plaster, concrete, wax, jelly, Jesmonite, resin, silicone, foam and much more. If you discover a new casting material that works with Mayku Sheets, let us know!

Can I cast with hot materials or cook with the Mayku Sheets?

The current Mayku Sheets work best with casting materials under 50 degrees celcius. This means that they are not recommended for use in ovens or kilns but can be used to cast warm and hot materials such as wax, jelly or chocolate. Just ensure you stir the casting material to the optimum tempreature before casting to avoid warping your molds.

Do I need a mold release for Mayku made molds?

Many materials work in Mayku Sheets without any mold release. However, we recommend that you conduct a few experiments of your own before committing to a larger manufacturing run. Flavourless oils like Grapeseed Oil work great for greasing jelly molds. Wax and silicone based mold release agents can be used for materials like Jesmonite, resin and concrete.

How do I make or choose master shapes to put in the FormBox?

There are many options when it comes to finding a shape to put in the FormBox. You can use digital manufacturing techniques like 3D printing, CNC milling or laser cutting to form shapes. Or if you want a simpler option try sculpting or carving clay, wood, foam, thick card or even a potato! Found objects can also be used in the FormBox such as veg or fruit, it's possible to freeze soft items prior to forming to give a more structured mold.

What type of vacuum cleaner works with the Mayku FormBox?

The FormBox works with vacuum cleaners up to 2000w. For optimum results, we recommend that you choose a vacuum cleaner that is wired and has a hose. You can use a small household vacuum cleaner or a workshop vacuum for the same results. Some Dyson vacuum cleaners do not work effectively, so we recommend avoiding this brand.

How easy is the FormBox to set-up and use?

The FormBox takes less than 15 minutes to set-up, it takes up less room than a microwave and is easy to move and store. Since the FormBox is used in education with children as young as 8, we can confidently say that the FormBox is super simple to learn.

See our videos on the Mayku YouTube channel for example set-up.

How much time will I save compared to making custom silicone molds?

Molds made on the Mayku FormBox are more affordable, less mess and quicker to duplicate than custom silicone molds. FormBox molds cost only £1 per sheet and can be made in less than 5 minutes and is immediately ready for use. Making a custom silicone mold may take up to 48 hours to cure before you are able to cast.

Why is it £599? What's included in the Starter Kit?

The Mayku FormBox is an industrial grade vacuum former designed for use by professionals. It is fully safety tested and comes with everything you need to get making including: three test models to help teach you the basics, 1kg of casting material, a 2 year warranty, access to our skilled customer support team and enough sheets to make up to 40 custom molds. We're confident that small businesses and creatives will see a return on investment in just a few months.

How much skill and maintenance is required?

The Mayku FormBox desktop vacuum former is easy to clean, move and store. It does not require any specialist knowledge for maintaining and a full range of replacement parts and repairs are available direct from us in the rare chance that you do have an issue. Although some making and design skill is required when it comes to completing successful projects, Team Mayku are here to help support you through the process.


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