We want to make making as simple as possible. From rapid prototypes to final products, the FormBox is a versatile partner in any production line and easy to setup and use. 

First, make your design and place it on the bed.

Make molds of almost anything. Recycle things lying around the house. 

Create a template out of wood, card, even a potato.

Or use your 3D printer with the FormBox to turbocharge your making. 

The FormBox molds a 3D shape in seconds. 

The material forms around your template capturing all the tiny details.

Use your form straight out of the FormBox to get a seamless finish like these masks. 

Use it as a mold to start that chocolate business you’ve always dreamed of.

Or create a prototype to show off your big idea.

Cast with a whole world of materials, from cement to chocolate. 

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