Inspire Future Creators.

The FormBox turns your classroom into a creative powerhouse. Giving students a hands on STEM learning experience.

How it works

1 Create

3D print, sculpt or find your shape and place it on the FormBox bed.

2 Form

The FormBox forms a sheet of material around your shape - creating a mold in seconds.

3 Multiply

Fill your mold with dozens of materials from chocolate to resin, plaster and even concrete.

Take it out and bring your first collection of products to life!


The Mayku FormBox has the same size footprint as an average laptop. Giving your classroom superpowers in a cupboard sized package.


FormBox is 5-10X cheaper than its industrial cousins. Giving you state-of-the-art technology without busting your budget.


The FormBox has been thoroughly safety tested and is recommended for use by children 8+. Giving you the comfort you need to provide an exceptional learning environment.

Easy to follow lesson plans

We believe making should be simple - so we've created 5 curriculum packs complete with 13 lesson plans for use with the Mayku FormBox. Each comes with printable sheets that you can use to get your class making in minutes. Designed for children aged 11-14.

Lesson 1

Introduction to vacuum forming

Give students a basic understanding of the different kinds of plastics and manufacturing methods associated with them. Focus in on the vacuum forming process and how the FormBox works to change the properties of plastics.
Lesson 2

Designing for manufacture

Introduce students to manufacturing at scale. Provide some context for the way manufacturing is changing in the 21st century. Teach students the fundamental design considerations required for Vacuum Forming. Explain why these are necessary.
Lesson 3

Make your product

Students are tasked with designing and making their own objects with the FormBox using the knowledge learnt in the previous lessons.
Lesson 1

How are plastics made?

Give students a basic understanding of the different kinds of plastics and how those plastics are manufactured. Give some detail on the chemical composition of these plastics, and how the various compositions affect their properties.
Lesson 2

How can we reduce, reuse and recycle?

Explore the issue of the long lifetime of plastics and the challenges associated with recycling them. Investigate alternatives to plastics in contemporary product design. Use the FormBox to recycle plastic bags into various objects.
Lesson 1

Introduction to aerodynamics

Explain the basics of air flow and its effects, lift, drag, and downforce. Explain how various vehicles and even buildings are designed to be aerodynamic.
Lesson 2

Use the FormBox to design a lightweight car body

Use these principles to design and make custom RC car bodies of the students designs
Lesson 1

Observing microbes in the Lab

Teach students how microbes are incubated and observed in the lab to study their biology and behaviour. Introduce some notable microbes and how these are useful or dangerous to Humans.
Lesson 2

Design and create custom “Microbe City” petri-dishes

Go into more detail of how petri-dishes work and what they are made from. Task the students with designing and making their own “Microbe Cities” by designing a shape and turning it into a dish using the FormBox, before filling it with Agar and collecting bacteria samples to incubate.
Lesson 1

Design a terrarium in Tinkercad

Give students guidelines on how to design using CAD software. Introduce them to how it is used in the industry and why. Students will follow a step-by-step process to construct an object.
Lesson 2

How to 3D print your templates

Teach students the history and context behind 3D printing, explain how the machine works. Explain how slicer software works, prepare the design made in the last lesson to be printed and set it printing.
Lesson 3

Forming and casting the terrarium base

Collect the 3D print and use it as a template in the FormBox to make the whole class one base mold and cover each. Students will then cast concrete bases using the mold.
Lesson 4

Build your own little worlds

Students will design their own models inside the terrarium using modeling clay and other materials.

Introduce your class to a world of materials

Take your classes making to the next level. Students can experiment with their designs using everything from chocolate to Jesmonite. Concrete to jello.

Coloured Sheets
Transparent Sheets

What have students been making?

From water fountains to hologram viewers the imaginations of our teachers never cease to amaze us. Take a look below to explore how classrooms all over the world are using the FormBox to bring their ideas to life.

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