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5 Incredible 3D Printing Fails that Can't Be Explained

3D printing is an imperfect craft - but sometimes a print comes out so badly, you have to wonder how it went so wrong. Next time your print fails, think of these incredible screw-ups and remember somebody is always making more of a mess than you.

Amazing effort from a Flickr user here - if they told us they'd just unravelled a spool of PLA by hand, we'd believe them.

The glorious sight of 50 pikachus spewing forth from an extruder. Ambitious print from @Lucian151, didn't pay off.

Groot prints are a community favourite, but can go very wrong. This one got 55/65 hours in before an xy skip worked its magic.

This impressive mess deserves its own shoutout for ruining the fan as well as the print.

Can you tell what it is yet? Neither can we. But it was supposed to be two soap dishes...

But as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Photographer and designer Cunicode collects failed prints as artwork and even made them into a book. There’s also a Flickr dedicated to failure photos.

Thanks to Cunicode for today's header image, from his Beautiful Failures collection!


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