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A useful 3D print project from our in-house makers

Our in-house makers have designed a neat little 3D print project for your weekend. If you’re looking for a cool, personalized gift, something new for your home, or just want to sharpen up your printing techniques - give this candleholder a go!

What You’ll Need

3D printer

3D printing material


All-purpose primer

Paint - anything will work, but we like enamel spray

Standard long candle (around 20mm at base)

How to Make

1. Download the STL file for this project here. You can open and print this using your preferred software (see a great list here).

2. Print the object using the settings that work for you. The material is your choice - PLA, ABS, woodFill, etc. Just remember 3D print material can be flammable, but we'll be adding a flame-proof layer of paint and primer.

3. After your print is finished, gently sand off any excess, supports, or sharp edges.

4. Cover your print with one coat of all-purpose primer. We like spray varieties for an easy even distribution, but getting hands-on with a pot and brush also works fine. Leave to dry.

5. Using a paint and design of your choice, decorate your candle holder. As you’ve primed your print, you can use almost anything to paint it. Our makers have used a tough enamel spray paint as it’s easy to clean and gives a smooth finish.

6. When your painted candle holder is completely dry, you’re ready to pop in your candle! This print will fit any standard long candle with base width 25mm.

Don't forget to show Team Mayku if you try this one out!


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