Cooking with the FormBox: Chocolate

The FormBox allows you to easily replicate objects in other materials. This means you can mold foodstuffs into unique and interesting shapes, adding an extra level of excitement and indulgence to your culinary proceedings. We created bespoke molds from seashells and filled them with tempered dark chocolate and salted caramel.

Some fun objects for chocolate mold-making

Materials & Tools

Assorted shells


Dark chocolate

Dark muscovado sugar

Double cream

Caster sugar

Sea salt

Choosing (and preparing) your template

  • Forms which work best in the FormBox have draft angled sides, are wider than they are tall, and have no undercuts.
  • For objects that are spherical (or similar), the most straightforward technique is to cut them in half and create two molds which can subsequently be joined together.
  • Alternatively, a bed or skirt can be created for the object to sit in – clay is a quick and easy material with which to add this support and fill in any undercuts.
  • Any recesses should be drilled into so as to allow air to flow through to the base of the template and improve the forming of the mold.
  • To create a smooth surface surrounding the mold, a piece of 20cm x 20cm MDF of up to 3mm can be inserted onto the FormBox bed.
The lucky shells

Creating your mold

  • Arrange objects in the FormBox, making sure they are evenly spaced and not too close together.
  • Insert a Cast Sheet, watching as it heats up and droops in the centre.
  • Release the handles and allow the plastic to form around the template pieces. Leave for a few seconds to cool and then remove from the machine.
  • Your mold is ready to use – make sure you wash it before putting any foodstuffs inside.

For the chocolate outer layer

  • Temper the dark chocolate and brush evenly into the mold, covering the edges. Scrape away any excess and allow to cool.

For the salted caramel

  • Heat cream and muscovado sugar over a bain marie.
  • Heat the caster sugar separately in a heavy based pan until it’s golden then remove from heat.
  • Add the cream mixture carefully to the sugar mixture, stirring well once the bubbling has subsided. Add salt and leave it to cool.


  • Pour the caramel mixture into the chocolate shells in the molds. Chill.
  • Carefully spoon over tempered dark chocolate to seal, and chill once again.
  • Remove from the molds using your thumbs to apply pressure to the thickest part of the chocolate.
The finished chocolate shells

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