The Power of Making

We're building a personal factory that makes creating products as simple as baking a cake.

Mayku is on a Mission

The tools that we use to make things are getting more complex, more expensive and harder to access. That’s a problem. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to make. So we’re building a series of compact, desktop machines that are simple enough for anyone to use. You can take control your own production, from start to finish. The Mayku FormBox is our first.

Our Investors

We are fortunate to have the support of…

USTwo Ventures
Creators of Monument Valley

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Robin Klein
Partner Local Globe

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Robert Devereux
Co-Founder Virgin & Former Chairman - Freeze Art Faire

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Simon Murdoch
Partner Episode 1 Ventures

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Tony Davidson
Executive Creative Director
Wieden Kennedy

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Tim Davey
Founder of One Fine Stay

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Sally Davey
Founder of Trip Bod

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Tal Oron
Founder - Wonderbly

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1,700 founding supporters of our first product, the Mayku FormBox via our Kickstarter campaign

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Our Team

Mayku was founded by Alex Smilansky and Benjamin Redford in 2015 in Somerset House, London. We’re now a team of 5 - with big ideas and our hearts set on giving everyday people the power to make their own things. Between us, we’ve built multiple businesses, countless apps and websites, brought tens of products to market, and managed global supply chains for multi-national corporations. Whether it's products, words, spreadsheets or good conversation - if you like making stuff, you’ll love working here.

Ben Redford
Co-Founder & Director

Ben is an inventor and a designer who’s shipped multiple Kickstarter campaigns before founding Mayku. While at Mint Digital, he worked on Foldable Me, Olly and Polly the web-connected robots, and launched Projecteo, the Mini Instagram Projector.

Alex Smilansky
Co-Founder & CEO

Before founding Mayku with Ben, Alex led the development of apps and websites as a Strategy Lead at Mint Digital. His clients included Tesco and the Cabinet Office, as well as launching multiple fresh ventures.

Sian Hannah
Sales Director

Sian is a sales and distributions expert who has worked across numerous tech start-up companies, bringing new products and technologies to market. Before joining Mayku, Sian has previously worked for Tech 21, Incotex Electronics Group and Toshiba to name a few.

Daniel Mark Carr
Marketing Director

Daniel has more than 10 years experience in Marketing and brand management. In his former role as Global Brand Director at Colart Daniel won several awards for his reinvention of the Reeves brand. Before working at Colart Daniel lead marketing for many other luxury consumer brands including Burberry.

Dean Pankhurst

Dean is a designer of [most] things and is passionate about blending craft and industry. Before Mayku, he worked on numerous critical design projects centred around technology, education and society, with works published in journals and exhibitions.

Kylie Mansfield
Customer Experience Director

Kylie is a world-class customer experience professional from Melbourne. She takes control of everything that happens after customers get their machines, ensuring a mouthwatering making experience - from providing easy access to great content, tech support, repairs, and even connecting with other makers in our community.

David Rae

David Rae has more than 20 years experience in operations, as a managing director, as well as deep financial expertise as CFO of multiple high growth manufacturing companies.


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The Mayku Movement

Thousands of people spanning across 74 countries use FormBox every day to make their ideas real. Join the movement and bring manufacturing back home today.

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