The Power of Making

We're building a personal factory that makes creating products as simple as baking a cake.

Mayku is on a Mission

The tools that we use to make things are getting more complex, more expensive and harder to access. That’s a problem. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to make. So we’re building a series of compact, desktop machines that are simple enough for anyone to use. You can take control your own production, from start to finish. The Mayku FormBox is our first.

Our Investors

We are fortunate to have the support of…

USTwo Ventures
Creators of Monument Valley

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Robin Klein
Partner Local Globe

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Robert Devereux
Co-Founder Virgin & Former Chairman - Freeze Art Faire

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Simon Murdoch
Partner Episode 1 Ventures

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Tony Davidson
Executive Creative Director
Wieden Kennedy

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Tim Davey
Founder of One Fine Stay

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Sally Davey
Founder of Trip Bod

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Tal Oron
Founder - Wonderbly

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1,700 founding supporters of our first product, the Mayku FormBox via our Kickstarter campaign

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The Mayku FormBox through the years…





A Community of Makers A Library of Ideas

We’re building an online platform to guide you in your making. Ask questions, connect with makers and search for inspiration to take your making in new directions. Find a range of templates to follow and build on, a host of discussions to take part in, and a variety of products to build with the Mayku FormBox.

Coming soon. Keep up to date.

The Mayku Movement

Kickstarter gave us our first 1,700 customers, spanning across 71 countries, and the number just keeps on rising. Join thousands of makers worldwide on our mission to bring manufacturing back home.

The Mayku FormBox

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