Making made simple.

The FormBox lets you start a production line from your tabletop. Based on vacuum former technology, powered by your vacuum cleaner.

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The Mayku Library

We're building an online platform that will help you get making right out of the box. Full of instructions, projects and inspiration to get you started.

Make Spooky Pumpkin Candles

Master: Mini Pumpkin
Material: Wax
MakeTime: 60min

Make Architectural Models

Master: 3D print
Material: Plaster
MakeTime: 40min

Create Custom Notebooks

Master: Pens & Pencils
Material: PETg - Clear
MakeTime: 30min

Design Your Own Lampshades

Template: Glass
Material: HIPS
MakeTime: 45min

“The Ability To Create Moulds And Plastic Shapes For Lighting, Decorations & Jewellery From Your Living Room Is Ground Breaking!”

Francesca Stone - Maker & FormBox Owner

“I love the simplicity of the FormBox, being an amateur, the FormBox has opened my eyes into the world of making.”

Ben Pearson - FormBox Owner


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